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Rising Baseball Stars is delivering the future of baseball trading cards in the form of utility-focused NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. RBS will be partnering with the most promising amateur baseball players to mint their virtual baseball cards as NFTs. These NFTs will grant exclusive baseball-related prizes and experiences to those who hold them. Additionally, we are launching three membership tiers (also purchased as NFTs) which will unlock even more benefits for holders.

The Rising Baseball Stars Membership

At RBS, we are developing a baseball trading card ecosystem for the 21st century. The first step in establishing this ecosystem will be the release of membership NFTs. Rising Baseball Stars will be releasing three tiers of membership, each with increasing exclusivity and greater benefits to those who hold them. Once all the memberships have been minted they will be available for purchase on the secondary market. In increasing levels of exclusivity, the three tiers will be:

What Benefits Do I Get for Holding a Membership NFT?

Each of the membership tiers will have varying levels of benefits based on the price and exclusivity of the respective membership. In general, each membership tier will have three main benefits: 1) Real-World Prizes and Experiences, 2) Priority-Status within the RBS Ecosystem, 3) Governance responsibilities within the RBS Ecosystem. 

1) Prizes and Experiences: At RBS, we are proud to announce that from the launch of our NFT series we will be providing benefits for our membership holders outside of the metaverse. For instance, we will be holding quarterly raffles whose prizes include regular season tickets to games as well as baseball memorabilia. Your odds of winning these raffles will be proportional to the exclusivity of your membership(s). There will also be raffles for On-Field Passes and World Series/All-Star game tickets for our Hall of Fame and Triple Crown members. As the most exclusive of the memberships, Triple Crown members will receive two guaranteed prizes: a piece of baseball memorabilia signed by an MLB player and two suite level tickets to a regular season game. 

2) Priority Status: Arguably the most valuable of the membership perks, RBS members will have exclusive presale access to purchase new player NFTs. With that, RBS members will be able to mint any given Rising Baseball Star Player Card. So, player cards will be available to members first and then released to the general public. Each tier also has different perks to the player card mints. Triple Crown members will have the best opportunity to buy the most coveted new player cards at the best price. This is because they will be allowed to purchase new player NFTs up to 3 days before full membership launch at a 25% discount.

3) Governance: As investors and valued community members, people who hold RBS membership NFTs will play an important role in dictating the direction of the RBS platform. The most important of these responsibilities will be nominating player candidates to be added to the platform and eventually voting on whose baseball card NFTs should be minted. 

How Much Does a Membership Cost?

In order to reach the widest audience possible we will be releasing three memberships at three different price points:

When Can I Buy a Membership?

Rising Baseball Stars membership NFTs will be available for purchase during the Presale, the Public Launch, and on the secondary market. 

For more information about the project, explore the website, join our discord and follow us on our various social media accounts

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