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Rising Baseball Stars NFT

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Rising Baseball Stars (RBS) is bringing memorabilia into the 21st century by creating baseball card NFTs of the most promising amateur baseball players. These NFTs will not only be baseball collectibles but will also unlock amazing baseball-specific perks for those who hold them.

MVP Level

The MVP membership is a fit for those just getting into the NFT space, but have a passion for baseball. At a minting price of only 0.1 ETH, the MVP membership delivers a nice bang for your buck. With the MVP membership you will have the chance to mint new player NFTs as they are released. Additionally, owning an MVP membership will automatically enter you into our various raffles whose prizes include signed memorabilia, regular season tickets, and On-Field Passes.
Rising Baseball Stars NFT



Our Hall of Fame (HoF) membership is a great choice for enthusiasts looking to get the most out of the RBS platform. Within the RBS ecosystem, HoF members will have second-day pre-sale access to purchase new player NFTs at a 10% discount. HoF members will also play a crucial role in determining which new players’ NFTs are added to the RBS platform. Outside of the RBS ecosystem, HoF members will have a chance to win amazing baseball-related prizes such as regular season baseball tickets, All-Star/World Series tickets, On-Field Passes, signed memorabilia, and even the chance to meet current and former pro baseball players.
Rising Baseball Stars NFT
Hall of Fame



The Triple Crown (TC) membership is our most exclusive membership and the best way to engage with the baseball community in the NFT space. Owning a TC membership provides opportunities to access coveted player NFTs at the best price. This is because TC members get first priority pre-sale minting access at a 25% discount up to three days before public launch. Outside of the RBS ecosystem, as the project allows, TC members will be guaranteed 2 suite-level MLB tickets every year and be given a piece of baseball memorabilia signed by a pro baseball player. This is in addition to having the best odds to win one of our many giveaways held all year long. With only 60 TC memberships ever to be minted, the time is now to add a Triple Crown membership to your NFT bullpen.
Rising Baseball Stars NFT
Triple Crown


Membership Allocation

Presale: 210 Membership Tokens


Available in a Private sale to initial investors, early adopters, and contributors

Public Launch: 1,960 Membership Tokens

1,500 MVP, 450 HALL OF FAME, and 10 TRIPLE CROWN

Membership tokens become available to the general public

Reserves: 1,970 Membership Tokens

1,420 MVP, 520 HALL OF FAME, and 30 TRIPLE CROWN

Membership tokens kept in reserve to further build the Rising Baseball Stars NFT brand. Reserves will be used to help obtain strategic partnerships, provide further utility for our community members (giveaways, discounted sales, referral bonuses, etc.), and collaborate with other projects

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